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"We need to maintain a high security posture, and with Zoom, we've been able to do that. Working with our information security team, making sure that our customers can access the service from any device in any location - we can count on it to stay up, there's no downtime." Leia Mais

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"We are getting away from being just system admins and moving more into relationships with our teams internally. One of the tools that I personally use the most is Zoom Video Webinars. It gives a central speaker a great platform to present their information." Assista ao vídeo

“O fato de o Zoom estar criptografado aumenta seu apelo para reuniões em que a confidencialidade advogado-cliente é essencial.” Leia Mais

"When I did my first meeting using other services, I got disconnected. I couldn’t get back in. With Zoom, I just press a button on the iPad and I’m connected." Leia Mais

"At GIC, we want to empower a mobile workforce and drive those ways of working. We now have a product in Zoom that helps untether our users from a desk." Leia Mais

"The ability to see each other, to work on things together and to share and work on documents in real time is a massive win for us." Leia Mais

"We ran Skype for Business, Zoom, and some other video conferencing solutions we were looking at, and we found that Zoom was able to optimize traffic far better than the other solutions." Leia Mais

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"For us, Zoom is our most important tool. Zoom is really making opportunities happen for military veterans." Watch the Video

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As vendas de planos financeiros aumentaram desde o uso do Zoom agora que nossos conselheiros podem se encontrar com clientes que normalmente estariam fora da nossa localidade.
McAdam Financial
Todos os que tocam Zoom o amam, pois ele tem o equilíbrio perfeito entre recursos e facilidade de uso.
Bank of Tennessee
Um ótimo software a um preço excelente. Além disso, desenvolvimento contínuo de produtos, que é incrivelmente importante.
DEKRA Insight